Migration Project: Overview

Well, it’s been a while. I’m still rocking the Linux and loving it. I’m over the “shiney new OS” phase and onto the practical reality of Linux and its use (whatever that means). I still prefer it over Windows, but I do have my moments where I go back to Windows for certain things. I hate it, but I like the look of plain ole’ Windows Explorer for simple file management. This is only because it sorts everything in a predictable way (there is no case precedence). It comes down to me looking at something familiar and I’m sure (hope?) I’ll outgrow it :).

I’m still using Ubuntu as my primary desktop OS, Debian as my primary server OS and Windows XP as my wubi. I’ve also injected Vista Enterprise into the mix. I got a new laptop from work and since it has the juice to run it, and work provided the license, I thought it would be nice to get familiar with the OS. So far, it’s just “OK”. Aero looks nice, it has a lot of entries in control panel (sexy looking), but I haven’t seen anything that makes me go “wow” (I’ll be honest and admit that I haven’t searched for any wow stuffs). I will say that it can be slow at times and just feels heavy. I’ll be keeping it on the lappy for the experience and testing. It also allows Mrs. Neophyte to play the Yahoo games (I think she’s addicted to Ocean Express atm).

I want to outline a project I’ve started. It’s something I’ve been considering for a while and just put off as I was enjoying the summer. I have too many physical computers. OK, let me qualify that, I feel guilty running extra underutilized machines. They are old, less than stellar when it comes to power consumption/management and they’re damn noisy.

Since I almost never use the machine I have dedicated to Windows, I thought that now would be a good time to take my current Ubuntu machine, convert it to a server, virtualize some of the physical machines I have and shut them down. I’ve explored a few options and with my current hardware, VMware Server is the best option for me. I was hoping to use Xen, but since Intel’s VT extensions aren’t built into my processor, I can’t virtualize Windows with it. This is a problem as my web based address book runs on Windows (and I’ve never been able to get it running on a LAMP server), so I need to have a Windows VM. I also prefer Gene6 FTP server to anything available for Linux so I’ll be running that on the Windows VM as well.

This will allow me to eliminate 2 physical machines, move one to the basement to act as a VMware Server (among other things) and convert one to a dual boot with Ubuntu/XP. Then I can cram 2 machines (both PIII class units) into my closet for play time whenever I have the need (those are the old noisy ones).

Next post, hardware specs and hopefully the roles that the host and guests will be filling. I hope to go through everything here so that somebody else with too many machines (ugh, I just don’t think you can have too many machines…) can do something similar.


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