Fedora ATA Problems (finally) Resolved

Well, they’ve finally done it! Fedora fixed the kernel problem that was simply driving me mad. Back in November, I posted about Fedora Core 6 – SATA & CIFS Problems which led to painfully slow boot times on my office OptiPlex system.

If you’re suffering from this garbage at startup:

ata1: port is slow to respond, please be patient
ata1: port failed to respond (30 secs)
ata1: SRST failed (status 0xFF)
ata1: SRST failed (err_mask=0x100)
ata1: softreset failed, retrying in 5 secs

Then all you need to do is perform a standard update (su -c 'yum update') and restart the machine. The 2.6.19-1.2895.fc6 kernel will fix it.

Now that the issue is resolved, Fedora doesn’t feel broken to me anymore. JOY!

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