A Happy G3 B-day to Me!

For my birthday, I’ve decided that I’m getting an audio player for myself (from Mrs. Neophyte and the dog). I’ve pretty much become addicted to podcasts and listen to them almost exclusively (save for my forays into the off color radio of Opie, Anthony & Lil’ Jimmy Nort(d)on). Since I’m loving my Linux and I want to be able to use my player with my OS of choice, I needed to do a little shopping around.

I’ve done research on and off over the last few months and I kept coming back to the Cowon product line. Since that’s where I’ve been leaning, I decided to go with my gut and pull the trigger. I just ordered myself the 2GB iAUDIO G3. It’s not the newest player on the market, and not the fanciest, here’s why it’s best for me.

  1. It cares not which OS I’m using (Linux, MAC, Windows.. pfft it’s too cool to care). It mounts as a USB Mass Storage device and I can add or remove files and folders as I see fit.
  2. Insane battery life. It uses a single AA battery and boasts up to 50 hours of playback. How can you beat that? Even if it falls 10 hours short, it’s terrific! I like that it uses plain old fashioned batteries as well. Things that re-charge tend to have a short life when I own them *shrugs*.
  3. It plays (almost) everything; OGG, MP3, WMA, ASF, & WAV. I doesn’t play FLAC. meh, I’ll cope with that. I have 3 albums in FLAC and I can just transcode them into OGG if I want to take them with me. Never mind that those files are just a little too large and IMO, don’t belong on a 2GB player.

Those are my main reasons. There are a lot of other features that I’ll probably never use, voice recording being a prime example. That said, they’re available and just increase the cool factor 🙂

I can’t wait to replace my ancient Sony MP3 Discman. Yes. That’s what I’ve been using. I’m burning through at least 2 AA batteries a week (10 to 15 hours of listening) and at least one CD. I’m just so lame, not only is this going to reduce the time it takes to prepare for my commute, it’s going to cut down on a fair amount of waste. I should have picked this up ages ago.

There are plenty of reviews for this device out there on the web, so I don’t think I need to put up another. If it turns out to be a lousy investment, I’ll be sure to complain about it here. If you hear nothing more, then assume that I’m happily listening to (in no particular order and in OGG where available) The Linux Action Show, JaK Attack, Linux Reality, The LottaLinuxLinks Podcast, Security Now, TWiT, The LIP, Going Linux and the Linux Link Tech Show. Kinda makes you wonder how much driving I have to do in a week huh?

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